“There is no replay of your event…
The adrenaline and the energy levels are at their max…
This is live and you have to be at your best…”

– Albert Pal

I started DJing at a tender age of 15. My first official gig was at the famous ‘Hangar Nighclub’ inside U0fT. It was a sold out event of more than 400 attendees and we were live on TV. The energy level was incredible, hearing the crowd go “wow” to every tune that I played and seeing everyone enjoying gave me the feeling that one cannot explain. I knew right there and then that this was my path in life – to make people happy through music and event experience. From there it rolled and went to bookings in some of Toronto’s top venues such as: The Government, Docks, Palazzo, Paparazzi, Luxor Nightclub to special events on Center Island, Boat Cruises and exclusive parties at Pearson International Airport.

Many years later and with a positive track of over a thousand events, from nightclubs to weddings, private & corporate events, entertaining various age groups, I have established myself as a leader within the entertainment scene in North America. Traveling through Canada & the US from Toronto to Montreal, Miami to San Francisco… I am as excited today as at the first party DJ’ed.

The boost of energy I received from the crowd and experience I share with the people is whatkeeps me motivated and thrive to be more and more creative.

Music is what brings people together and leaves lasting memories.

I am an open format DJ and requests from my guests are essential at any event I DJ. With an extensive music collection including my own exclusive remixes, I am here to take you on a musical journey around the world!

Check DJ VAMOS web site for music & inspiration!