Last week I promised to write about the role of the MC at events. It is coming! But given the current situation and a number of concerned calls that we’ve received from our clients, I decided to speak about the event industry and what is happening with it right now.

As you already heard, pretty much all events in Ontario and across North America are cancelled. The entire industry is on a pause and we do not know for how long. That is very unexpected for both sides: the public & industry professionals.

Let’s take a quick look at a particular sector of events in the industry: private functions – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries & other private occasions.

What if your event is coming up in April or May? – Please! Contact all your vendors as soon as possible, and try to see what can be done. In some cases, the only option that you have is to postpone the event. Do not be upset, nobody expected it, nobody was ready for something like this. I am sure, your venue and vendors will gladly work with you and accommodate you to their best ability.

There are some unavoidable costs you might face. Depending on your contract and vendor’s response to the current situation, these costs might be:

  • Payments for the intellectual work done by the Entertainment Team, Event Planner and any consultations you might have received from vendors.
  • Expenses associated with preordered flowers and short life décor elements.
  • Expenses associated with preordered products by your venue.

I am sure all of these vendors will do their best to find the right solutions for you.

If your events are in June, please, do not make rush decisions to reschedule or cancel just yet. Let’s wait till March 31st, when public places are set to reopen their doors, and you will have whole few months to prepare for your special day.

Let’s be kind to each other during these times!

We are here for you, and we strive to make your entire event experience as pleasant as possible.

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