This is winter 2022 – a preparation period for the busy summer season, and I am absolutely thrilled to return to this Blog and continue sharing with you exciting and useful information that can contribute to your special day!

But let’s start from the very beginning, and I would love to take the opportunity and introduce myself. My name is Irina and am an executive event and talent manager at Vamos Events entertainment company.

Creating an unforgettable experience became my passion from the very first event I participated in as a coordinator, and since then, for nearly 8 years, it has become an inseparable part of my life. Today my role at Vamos Events is to ensure that all the elements that are required for the entertainment portion of the event are in place and ready at the scheduled time. I work side by side with the entertainment team and event coordinators to create a smooth workflow for all vendors.

To say that the last two years were very unusual for all of us is an understatement, and I’m probably not going to be mistaken. What a time! How many businesses and individuals were affected!? Constant uncertainty and continuous fear of the invisible enemy put us in a limbo on how we can continue providing our services and if these services would be even allowed. Side by side with our clients we went from one rescheduling to another, hoping that we can deliver the promised experience without any limitations & restrictions on the experience.

Probably, the most complicated challenge for our team, and many event industry professionals, during these times was to stay optimistic about what tomorrow will bring. Every few days we’ve received notes about lockdowns, capacity limitations, and services’ prohibitions. If during the first few months it was not a problem to stay motivated, we started to feel the real pressure during Fall 2020. Imagine, our DJs and artists have invested much time to prepare and update their show programs, but all of a sudden were told that they will not be allowed to perform.  Fortunately, the online virtual events world gave us an opportunity to share music, fun, and our endless energy and excitement through live and recorded social media broadcasts. Moreover, it gave us the opportunity to receive support from you – the response from our viewers during last two years was absolutely incredible. Thanks for your love, we knew that we just need to be patient!

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Sunset Lounge Mix

After Work Lounge Mix

European Dinner Experience

I’ve started this article with an exciting note about returning to live events, because this upcoming season looks very promising. With “bruises” and “scratches”, we learned how not to compromise on quality even in the given conditions, and ensure that the client receives only the very best. With many new entertainment ideas, we are excited to rock this season!

 Looking forward to see you soon, in person, and share my excitement with you!