The calendar year 2022 is coming to a conclusion, and our team is ready to seal the “2022” chapter. In all sincerity, it was a fabulous year filled with excitement, positive challenges, new resolutions, bright ideas, and boundless energy. After all the closures and limitations that constrained the entertainment & hospitality industries for the last two years, we could finally straighten our wings and celebrate every event to the fullest.

Collectively, we agreed to call the year 2022 a year of collaboration. Vendors from all professional fields, including audio-visual, entertainment, décor, catering, planning, photo, video, etc., came together to recreate the industry and set a new standard of services and products that our clients will be experiencing from now on. Together, we have become stronger and are eager to continue this trend in the upcoming years.

Of course, nothing would be possible without the support and loyalty of our dearest clients. Your unique visions inspired us to discover astonishing solutions in creating your event experience. We are endlessly thankful for all the occasions you’ve let us put together & execute.  Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the happiness and enjoyment you share with your family and friends. This is simply an eternal fuel that encourages us to create and keep surprising you.

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A special thank you goes out to all the Vamos Events team members! Your dedication, creativity and drive made it possible to create truly spectacular celebrations. The new year promises us thrilling projects, and we are excited to work on them together as a team!

Happy New 2023 Year! May it be a healthy, prosperous & joyful year!

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