The entertainment industry constantly requires individuals to develop new ideas and concepts for growth and success. Clients continuously look for something new and unique to differentiate their event from others. Our task is to make it happen with every possible tool and information we have on our hands.

This year, in order to learn about the new and exciting products that are entering the market, our team visited the Live Design International (LDI) Conference in Las Vegas – one of the world’s largest shows for industry professionals, where participants are presented with the opportunity to “to see the latest gear in action, refresh their knowledge, and replenish their creativity” (LDI, 2022).

Of course, Las Vegas city deserves a separate article with all its enormously grand venues, world-class restaurants and performances, and unparalleled nightlife entertainment. There is definitely no city like it, and it’s no surprise that Las Vegas was chosen to host the LDI Conference.


LDI Show in Las Vegas

Let me begin with an impression I got from the magnitude of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is one of the largest convention centers in the world and has tens of thousands of square ft of exhibit space. It took our team three days to explore only one wing of the center, where the LDI show was held.

Just imagine how magnificent this unique construction marvel is: pictures are taken from Las Vegas Convention Cnter Official Website: Click to learn More!

Our three-day exploration started with an industry breakfast and presentation, where the biggest show exhibitors pitched a brief presentation about their new developments and products. There must have been well over a thousand attendees from all around the world that joined the breakfast sessions alone, and we all felt like one big family, connected through the love to what we do – essentially, creating a one of a kind event experience for our clients.

The beauty of such scale event is that you have an opportunity to meet company representatives in person, the very people we have worked with for years. It was a great pleasure to share our experience with producers and gain their advice and perspective on potential products we want to add to our inventory.

Of course, the production level and creativity involved were impressive. One of the central stages that was presented by Chauvet was explicitly designed for the LDI showcase. A Gatsby-style live band, special effects, and LED screens complimented the enormous artificial tree with moving lighting fixtures.

We found ourselves hiking through an audio-visual jungle.

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The American DJ brand has also prepared an excellent presentation of their products: we spent hours comparing the sound of soon to be released speakers. Slick design, crisp sound, and a customization option – this is what ADJ is known for in the industry. We were absolutely thrilled with the exhibits, and hopefully, in the near future, you and your guests can experience it for yourselves.

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Three days of new discoveries and opportunities. Three days of research and negotiations. Three days full of excitement about what we can do for your next event. Inspired and motivated, we are back in Toronto to produce a new and exciting 2023 season.

We want to keep some intrigue in what is coming to wow you and your guests. Our goal is to provide the best in all aspects of an event experience, and we are looking forward to put our expertise into action for your next event.

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