With the first thought about your wedding you’ve turned on the wedding planning mechanism. It is an absolutely exciting feeling to work on your first big project together. Just think about it: your dream wedding is the beginning of a beautiful life of two loving people. It will be perfect, fun and memorable!

What can be more inspiring? While scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest pictures you suddenly realize, there are so many details that have to be covered. Where to start? “Oh, I feel that I am losing control, I am all over the place…” – that is the point, this is where fun turns into a challenge. If you ever had that feeling, you should stop for a moment and take a deep breath or two! Wedding is a celebration of Love, Happiness and New Beginnings and the preparation period should be the same! It just has to be fun filled experience from the very start.

If you do not know where to begin, think about what is most important for your Big Day. Is it the presence of your family members who live overseas? Maybe it is a specific venue you see yourself having wedding at? Perhaps there is a significant date in mind? Or is it an artist you want to have at your reception? After learning how that specific condition can be met, a clearer picture will appear. Write down all the information you received.

Congratulations – your wedding preparation process has begun!

The hardest part is done! Time for a little break. It is a good idea to give each other a compliment for this first achievement together.

Next week: “Why hire a professional entertainment team?”