Themed parties are one of the most exciting ways to celebrate a special occasion.

By weaving together personal celebrations and well-known storylines, hosts and guests are transported on an exhilarating fashion journey, brashly selecting their stunning outfits with a sense of adventure and anticipation. The keenness of an upcoming celebration with the planning of décor, food, music, and overall themed atmosphere – forms a feeling of excitement days before the event takes place.

What do you picture when you hear “The Great Gatsby”? I bet, the first image that comes to mind is the luxury-designed logo with black & gold patterns. From the start, you can feel the splendour in all its being. Sequin dresses with feathers and fringe, elegant suits with velvet bowties and patterned vests, champagne bubbles, and jazz are all connected to create an aesthetically elevated soiree.

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An idea was born, and a team of enthusiastic professionals started creating a vision that had to become a reality. Margo, an event designer and stylist from the prestigious Oudalova Event Design Studio in Toronto, brought a sense of celebratory magic to her sketches by artfully blending elements from a beloved movie with a similar name while expertly showcasing clients’ distinctive personalities. After weeks of sleepless nights scouring for exclusive decor elements, the hosts’ space was utterly transformed with vibrant decor and stylish furniture. Vignette floor stickers, styled in black and gold colours, acrylic furniture with golden frames, luxe tables and chairs, enormous balloons and flower compositions, and theatrical mask chairs in a Melpomene style – these are just some elements of a complete space transformation. The dining tables were set with neatly handpicked dinnerware. Paper menu cards were replaced with engraved acrylic, enhancing yet another style and creativity to the upcoming festivity.

Photo & Video Credit: Motion D Photography

Photo & Video Credit: Motion D Photography

Vamos Events and  La Belle Fusion Band developed a Big Band jazz-infused entertainment program to convey the lavish atmosphere of the Roaring ’20s. Guests were welcomed with modern and well-known hits stylized for this event. The sound combination of trombone, drums, saxophone, guitars, DJ-pumping baselines, charming event MC, and singers’ caressing and rocking voices made an immediate impact from the moment the doors opened. The melodies started playing on the soul strings, and the guests were taken back 100 years.

We’ve crafted a custom-painted sound system to match the carefully selected décor and space. Colossal trusses that hold the extravagant lighting system were concealed with the tastefully selected black truss covers and custom-painted golden leaf décor elements created by the Oudalova Event Design Studio team. The image was completed with a retro vintage-style microphone used by the vocalists. Who says the band’s technical set-up can’t be slick and elegant?!

Photo & Video Credit: Motion D Photography

Photo & Video Credit: Motion D Photography

The culinary expertise of Chef De La Mesa‘s team elated guests with a gastronomical extravaganza. Ready to delight eighty fine ladies & gentlemen, a luxurious seafood table was presented right before guests arrived, featuring black caviar, oysters, and carefully selected delicacies. The hors d’oeuvres, accompanied by cold champagne, took the invitees on an exciting decadent journey of flavours & textures.

Throughout the dinner, guests were delighted with delectable Lobster Tails served with the Chef’s signature sauce and a poached miso-glazed Black Cod, complimented with a parsnip pure, seasonal vegetables and truffle aioli. The grand finale included Chef’s famous meat show! What a spectacle! It would not be a mistake to say that everyone was waiting for this indulgence. Exceptionally grilled tomahawk steaks, finely carved in front of the guests, followed by the “feed me” experience, A5 Wagyu beef steaks served on the tip of the Chef’s knife in front of camera flashes – the spectators were blown away!

The culinary journey culminated in a truly unforgettable experience – a sweet table unlike any other. The petit desserts were a sight to behold. But the real excitement came from the interactive sweet tooth experience, where hosts and guests were invited to indulge in creating a unique masterpiece. Warm, velvety chocolate fondue and rich caramel sauce were poured over the individually placed patisserie creations, creating a deliciously decadent work of art.

Photo & Video Credit: Motion D Photography

Photo & Video Credit: Motion D Photography

The garden views from the balcony included a cigar lounge and a hookah vaping station, blended with the hosts’ favourite cocktails virtuously prepared by the flair bartender – a late fall evening in the residencies of King city turned into a paradise escape, so unusual for a quiet Canadian neighbourhood.

Fabulous dancers and greeters from Top Notch Entertainment dressed in decorous glass dresses, dark-as-the-darkest night suits with golden elements, and masquerade face covers seamlessly continued the theme set by the event hosts. The energy given to the guest by the entertainers, together with the  Vamos Events and La Belle Fusion Band, filled every room and every corner.

A remarkable and very important thank you must be sent to the hosts and the guest of this spectacular occasion. Your desire and energy are an endless source of our creativity and ideas. Let’s raise our glasses to many more jubilees together!

The magic of this celebration came to life through the power of teamwork and collaboration. With the dedication and creativity of nearly 40 industry professionals, we were able to bring to life an unforgettable experience that will be cherished as a testament to the limitless possibilities of creating unique and special reflections of hosts’ wishes.

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